Foreign Passenger


No visas are required of passengers arriving and departing on the same through flight or Transferring to another flight at the same airport.
A person entering the Sudan must hold a valid passport and appropriate immigration visa.
AII air operation must ensure strict adherence to these requirement and non- compliance will be place the responsibility of the immediate deportation of the subject passenger by the same  flight, on the subject air carrier.
An embarkation and disembarkation card is required to be completed by passengers.
For flight crew members on scheduled services who keep possession of licenses when embarking and disembarking, remain at the airport where the aircraft has stopped or within the confines of the cities adjacent thereto, and depart on the same aircraft or on their next regularly scheduled flight out of Sudan, the crew member license or certificate is accepted in lieu of passport or visa for temporary admission into Sudan. This provision is also applicable if
the crewmember enters Sudan by other means of transport for the purpose of joining an aircraft.
A valid exit visa is required except the following categories:
a) Diplomatic mission personnel (including International Organization Personnel).
b) Visitors leaving the Sudan within a period not exceeding three months from the date of entry.
Passengers on an aircraft stranded for technical reasons shall be allowed to enter Sudan Entry/Transit visas may be granted at the airport subject to prior arrangement and Without obligation on the Immigration Authorities.

No airline is allowed to carry any foreign passenger to any destination in the Sudan unless holding valid entry visa.
Entry/Transit visa may be granted from foreigners  immigration through Sudanese Embassy in candidate’s country.

Visa upon arrival depends on the agreement between the two countries.

A- Counter Visa may be granted to:

  1. Sudanese that holding foreign passport after documentation of her Sudanese roots.
  2. A foreign Husband of Sudanese Woman.
  3. A foreign Wife of Sudanese Man.
  4. Businessmen & Investors (the agreement between the two countries).
  5. Turkish passport.
  6. Kenyan passport.
  7. Eritrean passport.
  8. Malaysian passport.

B-Who Exempted from prior  visa:
Sudanese that holding foreign passports.
C-  Foreign affairs passports:
Diplomatic, official and private passports are exempted from prior visa:
Turkey, Brazil, Algeria, Mauritania, Djibouti, China and Ethiopia.
Fees of counter visa:
American passport   U S$ 150
Kenyan passport    U S$ 50
Turkish  passport   U S$  100
Eritrean passport   U S$ 10
People of ROSS:
They have to obtain the entry visa from the Sudanese Embassy in Juba.
Children of the ROSS who combined with his parents have to have separate passport.