International Departure Terminal 1

International Departure Terminal 1

  • The international departure area 3888 sq/m
  • 20 check in counters.
  • 10 immigration counters.

The common use passenger processing system providing the  services of check-in and boarding process.

2 entrance X-Ray security.
6 Gates plus the business class gate.
Exchange office (Argeena).
Passenger insurance service.
Health quarantine.
Duty free shop.
Immigration Office.
Custom Office.
Prayers area for men/women
There is a service of packing passengers luggage inside the lounge.

  • Business class lounge with cafeteria and WiFi.
  • Public cafeteria (up stairs)  and  passenger’s cafeteria.
  • The arrival terminal area  6240 sq/m

The domestic flights terminal area 1350 s.q/m, for departure and arrival,
Haj terminal, 12 check- in counters, 6 Immigration counters.


International Departure Terminal 2

International Departure Terminal 2

Providing services for Kenya Airways, Badr, Tarco, Nova, Elsaeeda, Fly Damas,

  • Eight check-in Counter.
  • Six passport's check counter.
  • One belt luggage.
  • Two entrances to the safety lounge provided with two X ray.
  • In the safety lounge there is a mini cafeteriafor snacks.
  • Two toilets (men/women).
  • Two small praying room  (male/female).
  • First class and business lounge.
  •  Check- in of passenger  (Common Used Passenger Processing System).
  • There are network at the terminal consist of SAS guest and back track (this according to the statement of the right office).


Arrival Terminal

At the Entrance:

  • Public address office, Prince Hotel office, Grand holiday villa Hotel office, Infinity limousine, prassiat limousine.
  • Small lounge for those who are waiting for arriving passengers and if you go up stairs you will find a bigger one provided with cafeteria and toilets.
  • Free duty shop – National free duty Shop Company.

Banks for Exchange:

  •  Sudanese agricultural bank.
  • Nilein bank.
  • Commercial farmer's bank
  • Besides the three bank mentioned there are two offices for exchange Argein and Aukaz.
  • Sudan airways Lost and found office.
  • Tourist guidance counter (ministry of truism).
  • Veterinary quarantine, agricultural quarantine and health quarantine counters.
  • There are six luggage belts.
  • Four toilets (2men/2women) two before the immigration counter and two after.
  • There are three counters for national security.
  • Sixteen counters for passport's check( two counters  for crew, four counters  for Arab tourists, two counters  for foreigners and eight counters for Sudanese passengers) .
  • There is a custom area for checking luggage.

There are many Offices at the Terminal Including:

  • (Office for terminal director, office for terminal custom director and airport security director).

Outside the terminal you can choose your Taxi or limousine.